Moonlight Estates

Colorful places to live, work and play

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We are getting ready to roll in "Beta Mode". Deploying the server image to our server hosting provider will commence soon. The it is a few more weeks of "bug bashing", testing and improvements so we can do an "Official" roll out soon.

Work continues on the gallery, blog and wiki.
We should have some "meaningful" content in place soo too.

The Grid is UP, during this "Beta" phase, though we can still
do a grid restart without warning at any time.

Explore, scope out some prime real estate, get a
feel for what we are all about until :Grand Opening Day."

You are certainly free to create an account during this
process, but be advised that account could be wiped as we fix bugs.

You can log into a HyperGrid enabled "home" grid and visit us at any
time without having to create a Moonlight Avatar.

Once we hit the Grand Opening, the grid portal site will be
fully ready for account and avatar creation.

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