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Just a quick update...

We have been busy behind the scenes. As promised, we have targeted Oct 1, 2023, as the date to really get to work on bringing Moonlight Estates back to life. To that end, here's where we stand:

Nikki Moon is spear-heading the project. She will be in overall control of all that happens with the grid, its future, and how it develops and where it goes as it grows.

While I on the other hand will be more behind the scenes, ensuring the underlying technology, servers, network, and infrastructure are there for whatever Nikki needs. For the most part, my public part of Moonlight Estates will be the occasional status update, some interaction if needed to track a bug or issue. But mostly, just a friendly face on the grid to hang out and enjoy time with our Residents and Visitors. ;-)

We HAVE decided on the platform to run the grid. We're going with the 0.9.2 Yeti branch of OpenSimulator right from their git repository. We've forked it to our own, and as we go, we'll make changes to our fork, if needed, to support what we need. And if those changes prove to be useful, we'll share them upstream to the rest of the OS community.

As for the web portal/interface. Try as we might, we have NOT been able to find something that really suits what we need. What is out there is either too simple, doesn't work, too old, too convoluted, or just a plug-in to a CMS that we REALLY don't have control over the overall look, feel, and function. Sooo, yes, we will "roll our own".

This WILL be a process! Personally, I have not done complex HTML since the early 90's when Netscape 2.0 was the hottest thing on the 'net. Nikki has only been a web page writer from an "end user" standpoint. She DOES have artistic talent and a good eye for design, so with my abilities with HTML, some PHP, and a few other things, experience with *nix, servers, and networking on top of Nikki's talented eye for design along with a few new tools we have found to help us out, we should have something that meets our needs. We hope to have basic User functionality such as Avatar Creation, password maintenance, partnerships, events, and some region functions up and running in the short term. Not promising, but hopefully by the end of October.

Maybe, if I know Nikki, a big Witchy Halloween Grand Re-Opening. :-)

-- Sonja


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